Who is Matthew McDermott?

Matthew McDermott is an author, a consultant, and naked a lot of the time. As someone who discovered nudism in his adult life, he is working to increase the understanding and acceptance of non-sexual nudity.

He is an advocate for the benefits of social nudism for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of everyone. 

His nudism-related publications include How to Take Your Clothes Off: A Guide to Nudism for the Interested Beginner, available from Amazon in ebook and paperback formats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why be nude?

We are separated more and more from other people, and from ourselves, as our world turns more and more towards screens and electronic communications. We’ve lost something important as our culture and society is transferred to large technology corporations. We’ve lost authenticity; we’ve lost ourselves.

Perhaps more than ever before, being nude is a positive, affirming way to exist in the modern world.

Where are the photos?

Nudism isn’t about looking at nude people. It’s not about being seen, or seeing – it’s about being.

So this site doesn’t focus on photos of people without clothes. (I’ve heard there are one or two other sites on the internet that provide these photos – try searching for them.) WriteNude.com is about learning to embrace something more important, something deeper, something more personal.

Free your body, and free your mind, from those outdated ideas.

Have another question?

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