Why should you join a nudist organization?

Written by 
Matthew McDermott
July 29, 2019

Whether or not you’re a fully committed nudist, joining a nudist group is a good idea. The benefits usually far outweigh the small membership fee.

The first objection that many people have to joining a nudist group is that they can get the same thing for free online. This might be true for some organizations, but it definitely isn’t true for nudist organizations. There are some legitimate online nudist organizations, but they are far outnumbered by illegitimate ones.

Why are so many groups illegitimate? It’s the voyeuristic quality of the internet, unfortunately. When people discover that nudists are posting photos of themselves, the membership quickly explodes with people seeking nude photos. (With the number of nude photos available on the internet already, it’s hard to understand why they do this, but it seems inevitable.)

There are some online organizations that do not require or even allow photos. These sometimes start up really well, but they present another problem: authenticity. There’s no way to know whether a profile represents an actual nudist. Too often, profiles on these sites are just people looking for female nudists to pester for photos, or someone satisfying other, more prurient interests.

It’s far less common for people to join legitimate, established organizations if they aren’t already a nudist. So if you want to be sure you’re part of a group with actual nudists as members, and supporting real nudist values, join an organization that isn’t just online.

Supporting these groups is a small step towards bigger changes we need to make nudism more acceptable in our society.. As the groups gain members, their political clout and public reach increase. Societal change is slow and incremental, but you can help to speed things up by joining an organization. (You can help even more if you’re able to contribute as a volunteer, too.)

One of the most important benefits to joining an organization is information. You’ll hear about issues involving nudism, issues that you might be able to help with (such as by signing a petition). You’ll learn of new nudist groups and venues, or even established venues that you didn’t even know about. But the biggest benefit is getting to know the people who are making nudism a reality. It might feel like a small thing, but so often we say “If only I had known...” This is one way to make sure you’ll know what’s happening, when it happens.

Finally, becoming a member of an established organization helps to legitimize and normalize naturism, not only in general, but for you. By becoming a member you are making a commitment to nudism, and that will have an effect on your own engagement and involvement with the nudist lifestyle.

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What organizations are in your region or country, and have you considered joining them? What would you want to get out of a membership in a nudist organization? Tell me in the comments - and post some actions you’d like to see nudist groups take, if you have any ideas!

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Robert G. Longpré
4 years ago

Well, Matthew, I have to agree with you. It is precisely this kind of thinking that led me to finally becoming a member of FCN [Federation of Canadian Naturists] and AANR-WC [American Association for Nude Recreation-Western Canada]. The online component of either organisation is relatively quiet, very quiet. That is beginning to change. Whether it will fall afoul of the rest of the quasi-naturist community is to be seen. Now that I am a member of a naturist organisation, I see myself in a different light, almost as if I am more legitimate in my self-definition. I stepped up this… Read more »

4 years ago

Couldn't agree more. After decades of believing there was something a bit odd or sleazy about me for not wanting to wear clothes I decided to join British Naturism to find out more. I have since discovered thousands of people who feel the same and have found out about and attended dozens of nude events and places I never knew existed. Naturism is the new normal for me, and luckily for me my family are OK with it too. Happy days!

I love hearing from new and veteran nudists and naturists. If you have a question, a comment, even a suggestion, I want to hear from you!
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