January 27, 2020

Are You Really a Nudist?

Written by 
Matthew McDermott

Most people who are new to nudism are keenly aware that they haven’t yet had many of the nudist experiences that others talk about and enjoy. They wonder, what makes someone a nudist? What do I have to do before I can call myself that?

It would be easier, maybe, if there was a checklist - if you’ve done six of the following ten things, you might already be a nudist! But that’s not the way it works.

As a new nudist, you might never have been nude in public, in front of others. Or you might have been to a nude beach, completely anonymously, or you might have been to a resort, but just once or twice, and on your own.

Even more commonly for new and curious nudists, you might never have been out of your house nude. Maybe you just hang out in your own bedroom nude, with the door locked and a robe close to hand if someone knocks. Or perhaps you lurk around nude late at night, when no one else is around.

You might have been outside nude. Perhaps you know a secret, secluded bit of nature where you can be confident no one will find you naked. Or maybe you quietly slip out the back door at night, stash your clothes near the step, and go for a little nude walk. 

But maybe you have been out there. You’ve skinny-dipped with some friends (and want to do it some more). You’ve visited a local nude beach once or twice. You might have even gone to a local nudist club or event (though you aren’t a member yet).

So what do you have to do to become a real, live nudist? How do you unlock that one, all-important achievement?

It’s easy.

It isn’t whether you like being nude all the time. It isn’t whether you like being nude with others. There are no barriers get over, no nudity high score you have to beat, no qualifications, no checklist to complete.

If you like being nude, you’re a nudist.

Are you really a nudist? 

Yes. You are if you want to be.

Now go be nude!

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Do you consider yourself a “real” nudist? What made you get to this point? If you don’t consider yourself to be a nudist, but want to be, what’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments!

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I like doing the ironing naked

William Naylor

Yes, I stay nude in my small apartment all the time. I keep a small handtowel to cover up with if someone knocks. I do all my cooking and cleaning nude. I have gone riding around nude. When company cones I wear the little towel, but am always bare assed. Guess I am addicted!


It is not easy being a nudist in middle Georgia. No land clubs or beaches.

Michael Dispensa

Cum here. Oakland California east bay area. Tons of clubs and beaches

John Penny

Interesting perspective - the answer must be 'yes' from me then. Wife is getting used to see me writing at my computer without clothes or spending the later part of the evening undressed before donning night clothes/pyjamas/boxers and T-shirt (dependant on time of year) I did surprise her last summer when I got up, stripped off, showered and remained naked all day (indoors and out- our garden is not overlooked) and then effectively 'got dressed' to go to bed.
Now I need to work on the wife, so to speak... gently, gently...


I love being nude, clothes at some point are very bothersome, I have been a nudist for about 30 years, mostly at home but have been to a couple of nudist resorts in Ct. R.I. and Mass.


Been a nudist for about 30 years mostly at home

Gilbert Sotomayor

Hello. I love to be nude but my wife is against it. I would loose her. I used go for very long walks along the river totally nude. I got seen but never felt ashamed. I have been nude around men but not to many women. The other thing is God. I wish I could find a place with men and women and knew it was ok with God
I love to be nude in the summer. Not to crazy about the cold.

Cum here. Enjoy everything Oakland California east bay area has to offer. Being naked is priceless with or without wives or girlfriends tsxt me anytime wwedivas05@yahoo.com


Yes i am after working all day i am looking forward to getting nude as i hate clothes and when i am wearing clothes it makes me not fell well i am more relaxed and happier with the body of me being nude


Same here, I live in Spain and am naked all the time. I hate having to put clothes on to go to the shops. I drive naked in my car then put clothes on when I get out. It really annoys me. There are signs on doors to wear shirts before entering. Mind you it is that cold inside due to the air conditioning on full which I find utterly annoying. What also annoys me are people who moan about being too hot and yet they are wearing clothes.


I like the way you are say about the life you live it sounds like me in away and it is considered a great part of people who are nudist too feel like that as clothing is very much uncomfortable and is not liked
Thanks for sharing this with us

Paul Howard

Nude whenever possible. I'm nude now while watching TV. I will be going to show this Saturday where the audience will be nude.

Michael Ciavarella

Hi, im not sure if ill get response but here i go. I love being nude as often as I can. For some reason Im not able to separate nudism from sexuality, why is this

les Hunt

Sleep nude yeary round. Always trying for the no tan lines

William Naylor

I always sleep nude. Stay that way every chance I get. Only get dressed if I have to take my doggie out or go shopping, etc.

Agree with this article 👌

Don Beamish

I have been a nudist since childhood when we used to go nude as a family on picnics up the river we lived on and have carried on being a nudist into my 70,s.


Life long nudist. Second generation nudist.


Hello my friends.


I enjoy being naked inside and outside when the weather is warmer. I live on five acres and it feels great being naked outside

Charlie Vandenakker

My girlfriend and I recently purchased a permanent property at a Nudist/Nature resort in Canada. A year or so prior she had never been publicly naked. Always around the house naked forever. I took her to the nude beach and she was worried about what people would think and a little timid. After a good 20 minutes walking to find a place to drop our clothes, she finally saw a spot that she wanted. I started setting up our shade tent and turned just in time to see all her clothes go flying off. Since then we found the resort,… Read more »


well idk what to say but my father was nude at home 24/7 and i raised this way every summer i go to nudist resort and nude beaches so i believe we all born this way that natural way and i think we stay natural

Charles. Horner

From. Being. On. Swim. Term. Wearing
Speedo. Brief. in. A. Locker room. Shower
that. Thin. Suit. Showing. Ever thing. l. Guss
That. How. L. Be. Come. A. Nudies


I have always considered myself a nudie. When I see people talking about nudist or naturist there always seems to be some set of rules or you don't qualify to be a "real" fill-in-the-blank. For me, it is rather a hobby. I don't live it. It is impractical and expensive and a hundred miles of commute to go to clubs and free beaches are even farther away. It is also impractical - and a bit chill half the year - to continually wander about the house that way. So I do occasional events. The World Naked Bike Ride and Bare… Read more »


I often wonder weather i am a real nudist. I enjoy being naked whenever and wherever,I have endured criticism from others.
However i haven't yet been with other nudists in a social setting.
So I wonder am I a nudist.
I say i am.


Nudist is just a label. Do not get fixated by a label. If you are getting criticism for being nude, I would do some analysis. What exactly set it off? Was it actual nudity, overzealous promotion of nudity or just the concept of nudism as a lifestyle? You may need to retool the message or just lower the volume a bit. And then there are people you should probably never mention it to. Personally, it irritates me when people are all evangelical about something even when it is something I have no issue with. Reminds me of a used car… Read more »


I used to say that growing up, we weren't nudists per se. Meaning nudity wasn't an all the time thing around the house, but was a matter of convenience and no one was embarrassed if we were nude between the shower and the bedroom. But, when I came home late one evening when I was around 12 or 13 and found my mom asleep, nude on the couch, that's when I realized that nudity wasn't just for convenience-- it was about comfort too (we didn't have air conditioning at that time). And even though I wouldn't admit it at the… Read more »


Oh, I like that statement about feeling better when one is nude. At least for myself, I absolutely do feel better when I'm able to be nude, even if it' only for a half hour or so. When I can't be nude for an extended period of time, it kind of sneaks up on me and I slowly start to feel physically "run down" and feel less alert. But, when I get some nude time in, I suddenly feel better, both physically and mentally. I've often thought it's a subconscious distraction without that nude time. Last year I cancelled my… Read more »


Hi, So it's been about a month and I was wondering (hoping really) that with the quarantine, folks have been able to have some more nude time. It's important to keep ourselves up mentally as well as physically and I think we've acknowledged that nudity is important to our well-being. As for myself, I've had a bit of some nude time which turned out to be better than expected. The other morning, I was "caught" nude by my daughter who's been home after being laid off. I had made it a point to stay out of the way when I'm… Read more »

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